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Dragonfly - In the Top

Dragonfly - In the Top

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This lightweight sports bra is designed to make your breasts look bigger. This sports bra was originally developed to match the sexy Bella shorts, but it also works perfectly with other designs from Dragonfly. Thin double shoulder straps hold firmly but do not restrict movement, leaving the back and shoulders uncovered and free. You will especially appreciate this feature if you pole dance. This sports bra is double lined, just like all Dragonfly sports bras. The chest bend is wider, which ensures that the sports bra stays where it's supposed to with every movement. On the front, there is a Dragonfly logo, which is the symbol of premium pole dance clothes, Bikram yoga clothes and hot yoga clothes.

Material: 20% - polyamide, 20% - elastane
The material complies with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 standard.

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